HMAS Perth


Perth CorridorExplore corridors and rooms that were once home to navy personnel. Find your way to the bridge and see if the Captain's chair still swings around.

Location: 500m SW of Seal Island in King George Sound. The masthead protrudes the surface to height of 4M. The ship lies E-W with the bow to the East.

Description: HMAS Perth is a must dive when you visit Albany. Scuttled November 24th 2001, the diver-prepared wreck has extensive coral and sponge growth and is rapidly maturing as an artifical reef.

Perth GunThe visual impact of this 133m long wreck is awe-inspiring. Much of the ship's equipment and machinery has been left in place - adding to the points of interest for divers. At the aft a large gun is still in place and for those venturing in to the bridge, the captain's chair is in place and still swings around. A 'divers' platform has been installed at 5m, perfect for safety stops.

Perth MastLarge schools of yellow tails seek shelter around the wreck, along with scaly fin, leather jackets, humpback boxfish and a lone batfish. At least two wobbegongs (carpet sharks) have taken up residence inside and large samson fish (up to 2m long) often circle the perimiter.

You can also find western blue devils, harlequin fish, nudibranchs and false tasmanian blennies. Seasonally schools of large kingfish visit the wreck.

Permits are required to dive this site. They are available from the Albany Visitors Centre, City of Albany or South Coast Diving Supplies. The site is protected by a 250m fishing exclusion zone.

Depth: to 36m. Average dive depth 26m

Diver level: Novice to technical divers.

Visibility: 8 to 20m depending on prevailing conditions. Extended easterly swells reduce visibility.

Conditions: Good in most conditions except during strong winds, particularly easterlies.